Villa Software

Welcome to Villa Software Ltd.


Villa Software is a UK-based software development and consultancy company which specialises in developing complete systems encompassing the embedded micro-controller, interface to host PC, device drivers and interfaces (as required) and the host application.

Formed as a limited company in 2005 we have experience in many market sectors, including ...

  • Windows applications
    • VB.NET, C# and VB(legacy)
    • ActiveX custom control (OCX) interfaces
    • ActiveX DLL interfaces
    • Standard DLL interfaces in VC
  • Windows device drivers (WDM, UMDF and KMDF) for
    • USB devices
    • Virtual COM ports
  • Embedded systems
    • Low-power radio receivers
    • Embedded USB Hosts
    • USB interfaces and device drivers
  • Cypress EZ-USB family
    • Replacing legacy RS-232 with USB virtual COM ports
  • Cypress EZ-OTG family
    • Replacing legacy RS-232 with USB virtual COM ports
    • Replacing legacy keyboard with USB keyboard
    • Replacing legacy serial printer with USB PCL printer
  • Micro-controllers
    • Intel 8051 and derivatives
    • 6805
  • Databases
    • Embedded (Raima Database Manager)
    • Sql Server Express
    • 'Functional' (Microsoft Access)

    We design and implement bespoke systems including any or all of the above. Please do not hesitate to contact us for other environments.

What's New ...

Libraries (for Keil C51) for Cypress EZ-USB family of devices.

Macros (for Keil A51) to simplify generation of USB descriptors for the Cypress EZ-USB family of devices.

Villa Software is based in the south of England but we can travel to meet you in most locations.

telephone : + 44 (0) 7771 605486

e-mail : adrian at villasoft . co . uk